Tiny House

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What’s Goin On?

A tiny house revolution is brewing in Colorado and North Carolina. Rebels are voting and building for quality over quantity. The small house movement is a revolution in how we think about housing, our needs, the environment, and where happiness really resides. Many are living small to live better. With beaches, colleges, and mountains North Carolina is a capital of building and living small. North Carolina is only behind Colorado in Google tiny house searches?

Not hard to see why North Carolinians want smaller homes:

  • The median house price in North Carolina is $166,000.
  • House prices increased 6% in the last year in the Tar Heel state.
  • Zillow predicts another 3.1% rise in 2018.
  • NC prices rose almost 10% in a year!
  • By 2035 one in five North Carolinians will be 65 or older fueling a “downsizing” movement.
  • Baby Boomers and Millennials influenced by technology are open to new housing ideas.

Building Small

Building small has distinct challenges. Living small brings all kinds of tests. We share tiny house building tips and resources in Building Small Tips. Wonder about how to live small? We share tips on how to get small in Living Small Tips.