Tiny House Landscaping

I made a big mistake. I didn’t allocate enough budget for landscaping. Since living small means bringing outside inside as much as possible, plan to spend 10% – 15% of your build budget for landscaping. .

Tiny House Landscaping Fix: NewLeaf

Newleaf Landscaping from Durham, North Carolina helped rectify my tiny house landscaping mistake. Rick King, one of NewLeaf’s owners, created a detailed landscaping plan, a plan used consistently and constantly throughout my project. NewLeaf was the only company to go into such detail and their plan was a big factor in asking for their help.

Newleaf Landscaping plan image

My “tiny house” landscaping had three problems:

  • Wasn’t Pretty.
  • The grade was LOUSY and my Driveway Was Not Well Defined (and there wasn’t enough rock).
  • Confusing For Visitors.

Here’s how Newleaf creatively solved each problem.

Clean, Well Graded, Organized Landscape

Watching Antonio fix the grade was mesmerizing. First, a Bobcat helped smooth large craters left by my builder. Next Antonio sliced thin pieces of grade until the need for the French Drain we thought would be needed went away. These “BEFORE” pictures show what a poor job the builder did with my grade.

Compare those depressing images to the masterpiece Antonio and Newleaf created.


Newleaf added several unexpected “above and beyond” touches too. Perhaps my favorite “extra” was Antonio finding a Zen Rock Garden-like stone, moving it with the Bobcat to anchor the landscaping near my front door.

Newleaf Zen Stone extra image

Confusing For Visitors

I wanted a pebble path leading to my front door. Rick improved my idea by widening the path as it came closer to the front door. He also vastly improved my visitor parking area idea by moving it to be on the same line as the path.

Tiny House NewLeaf walkway image

When my mother and my brother’s wife’s mother came over for Mother’s day no one was confused about where to park, walk, or go. Since once side of my “tiny house” is windows, it feels like camping.

Tiny House Front windows image


Now, thanks to Newleaf Landscaping, my tiny house feels like home.