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A Tiny House For All Seasons

Houses change. Martin has owned other houses, but his tiny house was different. One side of Martin’s tiny house is windows. Martin wanted the outside to come inside. “I thought it wouldn’t feel so small if the outside was framed in huge windows on one side of my Muji hut inspired tiny house,” Martin explained. Martin’s windows don’t open.

When windows are as big as Martin’s opening becomes an expensive option he discovered. Since opening the wall-sized windows was too expensive, Martin asked for matching doors. Cross ventilation was the idea and the idea worked. Ventilation is important when living small.


When your bed is in your kitchen and next to your bathroom ventilation is important. By accident, Martin discovered another great ventilation secret – window over the kitchen sink roughly aligned to the bathroom window. Opening both windows create great cross ventilation for the kitchen. Martin made one big ventilation error.

When asked if he wanted his microwave ventilated he answered no. Cooking anything in a tiny house can leave lingering orders. Martin had a hole cut so his microwave could vent in the first week of living in his Efland, North Carolina tiny house.

Kitchen As Storage

Martin doesn’t cook, but he has a big kitchen. Kitchens are easy to by pre-fab, easy to modify. Hiring Jimmy Ray from Eno Mountain Cabinets helped realize Martin’s dream of a kitchen as a place to cook and store things. Martin thought he would use the large cabinet next to his TV as an audiovisual center. But who needs an audio-visual center anymore?

Discovering Bluetooth audio with Sonos helped continue an existing trend – streaming over owning, storing, and collecting media. Martin decided he didn’t want to be a curator anymore. Books, records, and even pictures could live on drives in the cloud to reduce space, costs, and increase quality (eventually). We say “eventually” because Martin’s Sonos audio system isn’t where he wants it.

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