Tiny House Resources

Building and living in a tiny house requires craftsmen and great resources. Building small brings new and sometimes unexpected challenges. Start with a great builder and realtor. Nancy Roby at BirdDawgRealty.com helped design crucial elements of the tiny house at 2909 Lebanon road.

Any general contractor (GC) is only as good as their subcontractors. Nancy knows exceptional subcontractors and she pays her bills. You’d be surprised how important it is to hire a GC who pays their bills. Building drains cash. Some GCs pay three-card-Monty robbing from the electric subcontractor to pay the flooring company and so on. When subcontractors don’t get paid they stop work and may place a lien on your house. Hire builders and GCs with integrity like Bird Dawg Realty founder Nancy Roby.

Builder and Tiny House Resources