Tiny House Sound

Tiny House Audio tells the story of Martin’s cathedral ceiling. When Martin’s builder added a cathedral ceiling the impact was immediate. Even during construction benefits of Martin’s tall ceiling were evident. Extending the roof made space feel larger. When a cathedral ceiling is built over a bamboo floor echoes vibrate from every hard surface. Listening to new headphones at Moon Audio in Cary, North Carolina Martin asked Drew Baird how to fix his sound. The listening room at Moon Audio is beyond DEAD and QUIET.

Drew told Martin how he created insulated panels to remove “reverb” and “room distortion”. “You can add furniture and carpet too,” Drew explained. At first, Martin thought he would add the sound deadening insulation behind a painting. Then he opted for the carpet idea adding another oriental carpet and pad in front of the main Sonos speaker.

Drew’s Sound Tips Work

As usual, Drew’s audio advice was correct. Martin’s tiny house remains too alive with sound, but he can understand British TV shows now.
Ceilings and Floors Tiny House Audio Issues image

Our friend Drew Baird founder of Moon Audio in Cary, North Carolina shared simple tips to improve the sound in a small house.

  • Add carpets with carpet pads.
  • Create acoustic panels.
  • Add art or sculpture on your walls.
  • Add a bookcase or other things to soften all those hard surfaces.