Tiny House Story

Tiny House Story shares Martin’s Tiny House in Efland, North Carolina. Just under eight hundred square feet to qualify as an “in-law” apartment and built on his brother Drew’s ten acres located on Lebanon road a Japanse “hut” inspired Martin’s tiny house. Muji is known for minimal design, focusing on recycling, and a strong “no brand” stance. In 2017 Muji said they would produce several “tiny home” kits. Here is the Muji “hut” inspiration for Martin’s tiny house.

Reading about the Muji tiny house kits Martin tried to buy one. Sadly, Muji said they would not be shipping “huts” to the United States.

Building A Tiny House

Building and living small is different. Martin gave away more than half his stuff before moving to his tiny house. Using the 100-day rule – if something wasn’t used in the last 100 days it was donated to the Durham Rescue Mission – Martin’s stuff shrank. Tiny houses focus on quality, not quantity. “It felt good to give things away,” Martin shared.

Martin realized every move is an investment. Some things such as his Ethan Allen couch and bed were too big for the new house. Martin purchased a settee and Nelson Thin Edge bed from Herman Miller. Adding a Wesco rocket-shaped “Spaceboy” trashcan would be the most noticed change.

Tiny House Construction

Craftspeople make or break any tiny house construction. Nancy Roby from Bird Dawg Realty helped find exceptional subcontractors. Nancy helped design Martin’s kitchen and bathroom too. Here is a video shot inside Martin’s tiny house during construction.

Here are pictures of Martin’s tiny house during construction.